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Welcome to the East Greenbush Explorer Post 11.

September Explorer Post 11 Work Party
       In September, members of Explorer Post 11 and members of the East Greenbush Fire Department assisted a local establishment in need. While returning from a call, members noticed that the Hays Road VFW post's property was overgrown and in need of some cleanup. Earlier this year, the East Greenbush Fire Department responded to the post to extinguish a lawnmower fire and, ever since, the lawn has been tough to maintain.
       Members of the department and explorer post volunteered their time to assist with mowing the lawn and taking care of some general work around the property. While cleaning up around the property, the members noticed that the halyard on the flag pole was broken and a new flag was also needed. After collecting some parts and getting a flag donated by the parents of one of our explorers, members again returned to the VFW, this time making necessary repairs to the flag and the flag pole. With a few hours of work, the post property was once again looking good and the American flag was flying high.
       Explorer Post 11 is not just a huge asset to both the fire district and the fire company but to the community as a whole. Each year, explorer post members participate in multiple public service events throughout our community. If you have any questions about the post or if you know somebody interested in joining, please feel free to contact us.

The Explorers work alongside the department members in order to gain a basic understanding of Firematics (firefighting skills). The Explorers drill every Tuesday night at the East Greenbush Fire Department Park Station on Phillips Rd. Whether you are thinking about becoming a career firefighter, a volunteer firefighter, or you're just looking to find out more about firefighting, the Explorers provide an excellent opportunity to experience firefighting without a set time commitment.

In order to join, you must be between the ages of 14 and 21. Once you turn 17, you have the option of applying to become a full member of the East Greenbush Fire Department. If you are thinking about joining the Explorers, or if you just want to find out more about it, feel free to stop by the Park Station slightly before 7:00pm on any Tuesday to talk to the Explorers and observe our drills.

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